I am the Best Version of Me!


“My Destiny is to be the Best Version of Me!”


When I was a young girl, I was teased all the time.   I would cry to my mom and she would always tell me “Baby you’re beautiful, if they don’t like it tell em don’t look!” For as long as I can remember I wanted to be something else.  Smaller, thinner, fitter, smarter, richer, more interesting, or more talented!  When in reality I was already more than enough, I just had to believe it.

Would my life really be any different if I were thinner, fitter, smarter, or more talented?  No, thinner is relative, so is fitter and so is smarter, and since I decided to let my passion lead me, I realize I am pretty talented.   I think the best way to do better is to just do better.

I don’t think we realize the power we possess.  You can change your entire life by changing your entire life.  Yep I said it, you have the power to do, to be, to feel, to love, and to live the best version of YOUR life when YOU chose to do it.


For years I’ve struggled with my self-image (still do sometimes, ugh) the comparison game was real.  I’d think…am I too tall? Too tall for what?  Am I too big? Too big for what?  Am I too Black?  Too Black for who? (That’s a whole nother post). Could I be more interesting? Interesting for who?  If I went back to school for another degree would that make me smarter?  Smarter for who? Am I measuring up? Up to what?

Who the hell was I trying to be?  I am tall, some might say short.  I am fit, others might say fat. I am interesting and smart and may bore some to death. I am talented, and others may just not see it.

However, “the somes and the others” don’t matter, because you know who you have to be enough for?  YOU!  You don’t owe anybody anything, you only owe it to yourself to be the best version of you.  If the “somes and the others” don’t like it, tell them don’t look!


And whatever you choose to do, you may as well look fabulous doing it.  I love this little denim jacket from ELOQUII.  These jeans are from #waxjeans.










2 thoughts on “I am the Best Version of Me!

  1. Dawn! My PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL friend Dawn! From the second I first met you I thought you just SHINED! and then I spoke with you and got to know you and you sparkled and shined even brighter!
    You are full of life and love and your beauty shines from within.
    I feel so proud to be your friend. You are talented in everything you do because you always give it your best.
    My friend is a model, not just in looks but a role model to all girls and women out there. She is an Olympian. She is my Zumba student. She is a talented Zumba Fitness instructor. She is an independent STRONG woman. Dawn, I look up to you. I walk proud next to you. I take pictures with you and post them with pride. You have accomplished so much in your life yet you are humble and you carry yourself with humility.
    I’ve had similar insecurities in my life because of my height… except I’m on the other side of the spectrum and super short! lol and reading your blog is a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you Dawn!
    Can’t wait to dance with you.

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