Power Suit

“Power is the ability to do good things for others”- Brooke Astor

There is a thought floating around that power comes from what we gain. Wealth, position, admiration, respect, or influence. I am a firm believer in power comes from what we give.  Love, encouragement, or support.  Don’t get me wrong,  wealth, position, and influence are important but what you do with that is what makes the difference.lane byant 1 I have always felt an overwhelming powerful feeling of joy when I know I’ve helped someone.  It could be going out of my way, or a simple hello and hi-five.  A smile on someone’s face, a thank you note, a or a warm hug that lets me know something I did or said helped someone warms my soul.FullSizeRender 7I started my blog and IG page for the purpose of sharing ideas about clothes and shoes with tall and curvy women, and I still love to do that.  But after receiving a phone call that says, “My friend was having a hard time and I shared your post with her, she says the message helped.”  Or  a message that reads “I looked everywhere and couldn’t find shoes for my daughter who’ is 6 ft tall and 12 years old, she loves all the flats you recommended, and by the way thanks for writing that piece ‘This Girl Rocks’ my daughter read it and loved it” or a notes from friends that I look up to, that now tell me I inspire them. That to me is POWER.IMG_1748No matter what shape or form your power comes in, try to share a little along the way.  I’m sure it will come right back to you, maybe in the form of a warm hug.  And who couldn’t use more hugs?

We can also think about what we wear and how we dress as an expression of our own power. Let’s face it, there are certain outfits I put on that make me feel like Wonder Woman. This Lane Bryant light lilac suit does just that! And can we get woot-woot for the fact that Lane Bryant offers these pants in long lengths!  Woot-wootIMG_9234

The blazer is tailored and looks great on with or without a top underneath, open or closed. And I will say it again, the pants are LONG (20L) and fit great as well.  I am so excited about this suit, how it looks, how it fits, how it feels, how it makes ME look and feel….POWERFUL.IMG_0874

Blazer: Lane Bryant (here)

Pants: Lane Bryant (here)

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Similar)

Sidenote: I wanted to edit the creases out of the pants and fade the lines from my shapewear, but what fun is it if every image is edited.  Plenty of women wear shapewear and we all know that thick thighs save lives!

Yours in Power!

6 thoughts on “Power Suit

  1. I love this article. It gave you a whole word in a few words. Kinda like listen I don’t have to stretch this message you get it. Act powerful be powerful dress POWERFUL elevate your superpowers 😍 you Killin it babe!

    I was just thinking you should do an article where you interview young women under the age of 18 with larger bodies about how they feel about their body in the world we live in today

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  2. Beautiful post Dawn. Keep up the amazing post and I look forward to reading each blog post and getting to know you more and more.


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