Get Yourself a “CAN DO” Corner

I post a lot about the negative things people have said or done that have motivated me to say #effyourbeautystandards or get things done #inspiteof their negative nonsense. And I am thankful for that motivation that helped me turn negative experiences into moments of excellence.  But there are so many positive influences in my life.IMG_4972 2Like my sweet Momma who is fervently protective of me. I remember her going to bat for me when my fourth-grade teacher labeled me disruptive because I talked too much in class and was “big enough” to know better.  My mom told that teacher, if Dawn’s done with her work, give her more work, but you will nottreat her differently, I don’t care how “big” she is.  She’s ten just like the other ten-year olds. The teacher was stunned,  Mom’s response… Give here more work, she CAN do it!IMG_2735Like my Dad when he found out I wanted to join the softball team in Junior Highschool, he would play catch with me in the back yard making me catch 25 fly balls in a row almost every night after practice.  If I dropped one, I had to start over again from zero. I fussed and stomp around. His response… Let’s go, You CAN do it! I can still catch a fly ball.IMG_6746And my brother, who helped me see a world beyond the block we grew up on, who went away to college when everyone stayed at home and made the absolute best of it.  When I told him, I was afraid of anything or scared to try, His response… So, what, try anyway. You CAN do it!IMG_7900And my high school coach who stopped me in the hallway by the Nurse’s office and strongly (like refused to take no for an answer strong) encouraged me to try out  for the Track Team. He put a shot put and discus in my hand and wouldn’t let College coaches talk to our star sprinters unless they talked to me too.  My response, Coach do you think I’m good enough to throw in college. His response…You better go and try, You CAN do it!IMG_0616 3My College coach who turned my life upside down and fueled in me a will to win, and the heart of a champion. When he saw me making bad decisions, always stepped in. His response… Get it TOGETHER, you CAN do it!IMG_4720 Like my Teammates who pushed, pulled and carried me and allowed me to carry then.  When I said I was tired and didn’t want to keep going.  Their Response… Get you *&^ Up, You CAN Do it, you GOTTA do it!IMG_4717And when my boss told me that I was the first women he  had to look up to (like he literally had to look up, I’m 6’5” in heels) put a championship ring on my finger as a student-athlete at the University of South Carolina, my response was, WOW! His response… It won’t be the last, you CAN do more! (it wasn’t the last, 15 more titles came to pass and 8 years later I was inducted to The Hall of Fame Induction).IMG_4721And I won’t ever forget my beautiful Aunt who at 93 years oldtook me by the hand, stared straight into my eyes, while I was crying and complaining about being single and not having and children of my own, and told me, “Girl stop… live your life, a great life, you CAN do it”!IMG_4718And the friends who have seen the best of me and the worst of me, who picked me up when heart was broken and I could hardly breathe. I said, “I can’t take.” There response…  You’ve taken it, and it’s over, keeping going, You CAN DO it!IMG_3382I truly believe we are a collection of all the people that come into our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I hope we choose to hold on to the good, the love and the light.  I know am a collection of people that told me, You CAN, and You will! Lord knows I am grateful!IMG_3615 I call them my CAN-DO Corner! My heart is full from the love of my CAN-DO Corner, and I look forward to being part of someone else’s.  So, I challenge you to influence someone today, love someone today, and be the reason someone believes they CAN do it!