My Story

Excuse me miss do you have THIS in my size?

IMG_0481The one question I almost always dread the answer to because I anticipate the answer being, “Sorry…No!”. When the answer is YES, I leave the store with more bags than I should, and a new BFF because no one should hug strangers that tight simply because those stilettos actually come in size 12. So what… I’m a hugger and I love heels.

“THIS” could be anything, but for me its shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, blazers, bras, rings, bangles, even hats! You name it; I’ve had to hunt for it. The good news is many times I find it.

My name is Dawn Ellerbe, and I started this blog to help women and girls like me with their hunt for shoes, clothes, and anything that you need to navigate this world from above 6 ft. I explore shopping, traveling, home decor, and lifestyle needs for those of us long in the legs.

My whole life I’ve been the tallest, and often the biggest woman in the room, then add a little va va va voom to that and you have Dee Ellerbe  6’2′” size 20, size 12 shoe who loves all things girlie and thanks to her mom loves to shop.  However, the shops didn’t always love me. Can you imagine being 6 ft. tall and a size 16 in the 7th grade and having to shop in the women’s section of the department store?  Ouch! Where was Forever 21 in the 90’s? There are far more options out there now, and while the plus-size fashion market is taking off, the boom doesn’t always include the 1% of the population that is over 6 ft. tall. Talk about a niche?! So to those 1.5 million women, this blog is for you!

I love you, love you too!


I haven’t always loved my body the way I do now, but one day I decided it’s worth all the love! This body has placed 7th at the Olympic Games, broke World and American records, won 16 different National titles, competed all over the world, been on the cover of the New York Times and featured in Sports Illustrated, what’s not to love?  Once I got past the doubt and the naysayers, I realized that loving on myself was and is the only way to go.

I’m currently trying to figure out the lovely City of Angles (Los Angeles) and can’t wait to share my journey. Wish me luck and come along for the ride!