Elevation 6ft!

elevate 1

“Not all hustle is heard, sometimes it’s just you all alone grinding, ELEVATING, and evolving while no one hears a sound”. -Natalie Malafronte

I’ve been doing the work over the past few years, to be better, feel better, and do better.  All of this has equaled some serious growth personal growth.  That means living in the moment, breathing deeply, and finding the joy in all things.  That also means making no excuses for who I am. None, Zilch, Nada! Y’all gonna get all of this six-foot two.



I’m excited about this blog #firstpost, grateful for those who will pay attention, and looking forward to all the beauty life has in store!

So… let’s all ELEVATE and have a good time! (singing in my Kool and the Gang voice)


elevate 1

Notes: Shopping is my favorite past time, but a friend challenged me to shop my closet…so here we go. I saw this tank and fell in love with it (she doesn’t know it’s recent shhh!), this cape is about two years old, it may not still be trending but it makes me feel like a super hero.  These jeans are from Long Tall Sally, and I found the belt at Lane Bryant last year.  I think all of these items are proportioned well and will work for your height and curves.  Photos  How do you shop your closet? Let me know!

elevate 3

elevate 2





2 thoughts on “Elevation 6ft!

  1. Dawn- I really LOVE this! You’re doing you’re thing and your confidence is electrifying and magnetic! I’m impressed! Keep doing what you’re doing! Much love!


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