Is My Happy Yellow?

Lately I’ve been struggling with the question, “How can I find my Happy”?  Now I’m not encourageing you to find your happy on a rack at Macys, but when I came across this yellow moto jacket started singing “Happy Feelings” (in my Frankie Beverly voice).


Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum and is considered the most noticeable all of colors by the human eye.  It is a joyous color that exudes warmth, inspiration and vitality.  It is the happiest of colors. Wait, what… the happiest of all colors? AND wrap around this sassy yellow jacket.

IMG_5562 3

I know, I know, we shouldn’t look for happiness in material things, but there are some things that just speak to us.  When I put this jacket on I did feel a little cheerier, my smile was a little bit brighter, and within minutes strangers were complimenting me on my new jacket.  I responded with the biggest smile I could find, then found something awesome about them and returned the favor.

IMG_0508 3

In a day and time when we are constantly on our phones, in our screens, and bombarded with negative news. I am so “happy” I found this little yellow jacket to brighten my day and help spread a little happy.

Here are a few moto jackets that I love. Bank account? Not Happy.

Red   Silver   Black




2 thoughts on “Is My Happy Yellow?

    Your happiness radiates from the inside out!
    I have a yellow scarf! You have me thinking I need to take it out to see the sunshine!


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