Stop Living Small!

“There are people less qualified than you,

doing the things you want to do because

they simply decided to believe in

themselves. PERIOD.”


I read this quote some time ago and didn’t really pay any attention. Then it rolled through my Instagram feed again this week and I stop, dropped and rolled.  I had a few questions for myself, and the main question above all questions was “Why are you living so small?”

Now I’ve been over 6ft tall and thick, thick, thick since I can remember and no one has ever called me small.  As we grow through life we take shots that try to break us and entertain people and circumstances that lead to self-doubt, questionable self-esteem and actions that we know don’t serve us.  Soon we are shrinking ourselves and dimming our lights because we care too much about who would be blinded by our shine.


Who does she think she is?  Who put her in charge?  She is doing the most!  I am who  I am, and I am taking a chance on myself!  If my history is any indication of my future,  I know I can do “it” so basically I am in charge, and if living my best life is doing the most…I am going to do the ABSOLUTE most.


Let’s stop shrinking, no matter the reason, let’s just stop it.  If each time you rise, there is someone in your life that tries to lower the bar… distance yourself from them.  If you are looking good, feeling good, and loving yourself and someone decides to point out a flaw…remind your self you are perfect in your imperfections.  If you have an amazing idea at work, and the powers that be can’t stand to see you shine, shine anyway.  The powers of those powers will eventually begin to see your shine (true story).


You are the expert on you that is a beautiful thing.  You don’t have to have to doubt yourself or depend on external validation to add any flavor to your secret sauce ….it’s your damn sauce! So while you didn’t ask for this advice…here you go, and I am also taking it.  You want to know the hardest part of asking you, “Why are you living so small”? Answering the question myself, after all, we are in this together.

Dawn, (I am not crazy for talking to myself. Since my empire is in the early stages, I’m simply having a staff meeting) Why are you living small?  Because for so long I was concerned with what the “people” would have to say.  This is no longer my concern. I plan on expressing my self fully in every avenue of life and I am not looking for anyone’s validation or approval.  I am who I am and it is my goal to live as large, shiny, and bold as I possibly can and I hope you will too.


I love the boldness and brightness of this suit by Asos Curve!  I found these Steve Madden sandals at Nordstrom Rack and bonus, they go up to size 13.





4 thoughts on “Stop Living Small!

  1. You are still a beautiful young lady. I love you. I miss seeing your beautiful face. (7years) huh it seems like yesterday. This is ms cynthia james. You go girl!


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