Negative Energy Exit to the Left!

I read that red represents energy, action, desire, and passion.  Right now I am all about positive energy… feeling it and giving it.  As far any negative energy that dares to enter my space,  regardless of who’s bringing the funk, you can break wide left and exit swiftly with any negative vibes.


I love this red jumpsuit, but really wasn’t sure how it would look on me.  I am a work in progress and every day I become more accepting, kind, and loving to myself.  I decided red the color of energy, action, desire and passion does look good on me.


I do a lot of online shopping and unfortunately returning, and it’s hard to tell if things will work for me.  I am over six feet tall and wear size 20. Many of the models are 5’9 and wearing size 14 according to the website style descriptions.  I took a chance on this jumpsuit and it worked out great.  It’s long enough in both the inseam and the torso. Bonus, I  have on 3-inch heels and its still long enough.  Red jumpsuit for the win!


I love this clutch I found at  Thred Up the online consignment shop. I bought this jumpsuit last year but here are a few from asos curve that I like. I hope one works for you.












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