These Old Boots

If you keep something long enough it will come back in style.  I just realize not only do I have a few vintage pieces in my closet, I have things I personally bought, not gifted, that are now considered vintage.  Clothing can qualify for “vintage status” if over 20 years old. I actually have a handbag I bought in high school that I still use. Don’t do the math!

IMG_0002 2Every few years I bring these booties out of storage, when the snakeskin trend comes back around. This year I thought how amazing it was to have something remind me of the best times of my life, my lightest and most carefree years.  About 20 years ago, I just landed my first coaching job, moved cross country for the first time, said some sad goodbyes and some bright hellos, rented my first apartment on my own, applied for my first car loan, paid for my first plane ticket, and bought these snake skin booties!

IMG_1937A lot of firsts…

In 20 years life has surely changed, but change is good. We start new every day. We have the ability to move something or someone every day (maybe not across the country). Whether minute or monumental we make moves daily.  Hellos are still bright, and goodbyes are still tough. So as I look at these booties, I feel a sense of gratitude. Grateful they still fit my feet, grateful I am still standing, and eternally grateful that I still live in light and have a few carefree days now and then.


I fondly remember purchasing these boots years ago with my own paycheck and my own credit card feeling all grown up. Turns out that vintage treasures aren’t so bad after all, especially if they’re fly booties that remind you of some good old times.

Here is a link to some booties that go up to size 12 that I am trying really hard not to purchase this Fall.  Have fun and let me know how your favorite pieces bring back good memories.



2 thoughts on “These Old Boots

  1. How I LOVE reading your blogs!!! You can rock anything! New or Vintage because you always have the right positive attitude in everything you touch!


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