Not my Normal Target Run

I walked into Target for band-aids and body wash and walked out with two arms full of clothes.  A Target Run usually yields shampoo, lotion, soap, and band-aids. From time to time a throw pillow or two, and a few candles.  Last week I walked out with a few fabulous outfits and not one bottle of shampoo.

This Wild Fable pink faux fur caught my eye, and she needed me so I couldn’t possibly leave her in the store, right. RIGHT!  And guess what? The sleeves are long enough!




Black and white are crisp and classic on everybody, and who could be mad at a red suede shoe? I am a fan of these stripes on stripes, especially when tuxedo pants are involved.




This Wild Fable sweater provided a little bit of sunshine.  After I paired it with a pair of gold Nikes and plaid pants, I was totally feeling myself.




As the temperatures cool down, cute sweaters are necessary and this one is super cozy. I didn’t know how well navy, lavender, and brown could look together. Huge bonus then sleeves are long enough.




I realize I can count on Target for way more than soaps and candles. So if any of y’all need me to handle your Target Run, let me know. I can’t promise I will get everything or anything on your list, but I promise your closet may thank me!

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