Home Sweet Home (and Overalls)

I am grown and sexy years old, but every time I visit my parents I feel like I’m twelve again.  From cartoons and Captain Crunch to:

  1.  Where you going?
  2.  Who you going with?
  3.  And…What time are you coming home?

Followed by a “You ain’t grown!”


I have to laugh to myself because my job, this mortgage and these bills have adulting written all over them and that sounds  good and grown to me.


There is no feeling like walking into my parents home and the immediate feeling of love.  While the velvet couch covered in plastic has been replaced with a grey micro suede sleeper sofa, the nostalgia is there. I revert to a twelve-year-old kid again every time, the only thing missing is the pink vinyl case full of Barbies.


So these adorable City Chic overalls were perfect for this trip home.  They are playful, comfortable, and LONG ENOUGH!  Just right for being a kid again.


Sometimes  I wonder if I’m not “too old” to rock overalls, then I remind my self that age is a number and certainly if I can lay on the living room floor and enjoy cartoons and scarf down cavity-causing cereal I can rock these overalls.




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