Jumpsuit? Don’t mind if I do!

“Forget the Rules. If you like it wear it”

I love a pretty dress as much as the next girl, but I love pants just a bit more.  For the longest time, I could hardly find pants long enough. Just when the search for long pants has gotten a little easier,  jumpsuits are popping again. I don’t think they ever really went away.  Well, now the search for long inseams (and this time with a long enough torso) is on!FullSizeRender 11 There are some great brands that specialize in tall clothing but they don’t always extend past size 16 or 18 in straight sizes. So what am I supposed to do?  This off white tapered leg dream from Lane Bryant saves the day (similar).  Thankfully it’s Spring and I can get away with ankle length, or capri length for me.  I live in LA so it almost feels like Spring all year, lucky me!FullSizeRender 12 Funny thing is I bought this jumpsuit two years ago and a few weeks ago in the midst of clearing space in my closet, I found it again tags attached still in the shopping bag. I can’t begin to understand how I let her stay in the closet for two years.  But thankfully this style is still on trend.FullSizeRender 9 She won’t be staying in anybody’s closet, she will be out and about this spring and summer in heavy rotation.  FullSizeRender 10

Shop Lane Bryant jumpsuits here.

2 thoughts on “Jumpsuit? Don’t mind if I do!

  1. Great Blog. I just started my blog last week. I have a blog about Lane Bryant pricing and quality and how I’ve mastered shopping at Lane Bryant on a budget. Please read, and any feedback would be appreciated I would love to follow you on instagram I’m not a tall I’m a short (Housewives of Atlanta) I do have tall family member who struggle finding things to fit her height and weight.


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