Summer to Fall A+by Anthropologie

The air is starting to get crisp and the leaves are turning from green to hues of yellow and orange creating a back-drop for pumpkin patches, gools and goblins, and of course boots, sweaters, and all things cool and cozy. Well not really… We are still experiencing 90+ degrees here in Los Angeles and it’sContinue reading “Summer to Fall A+by Anthropologie”

Sit Down and Be Quiet!

Society:  You’re too big, please make yourself as plain and muted as possible to atone. Me:  Puts on hot pink dress and struts even harder. Shhhhhh!  You are supposed to be seen and not heard.  Time and time again there is usually someone trying to shush women, especially big women, and damn it… don’t beContinue reading “Sit Down and Be Quiet!”

Lane Bryant and My New Friend Allie

I’ve got a new friend and Allie’s got long legs just like me! I’ve been over 6 ft tall since I was 14 years old and since then I can remember clothing from LaneBryant hanging in my closet.  Being both a tall and curvy doesn’t make shopping easy.  I am thankful for the growth inContinue reading “Lane Bryant and My New Friend Allie”

You Deserve to Shine!

“You Deserve to Shine”!  -Ashley Poirier What do you do when you finally find what you were looking for AND it comes in your size? You shout about it! This is me shouting!  I really appreciate that more retailers are extending their clothing lines to be size inclusive.  In-store and online shopping continues to get betterContinue reading “You Deserve to Shine!”

Curvy Couture: Summer Time, Summer Time!

With the summer months upon us, I am sure we are likely to show a little more skin. No… a lot more skin to be exact. Ladies if you’re heavily blessed up top a good strapless bra is hard to find. I love strapless dresses and jumpsuits in the summer, but can rarely find a straplessContinue reading “Curvy Couture: Summer Time, Summer Time!”

Jumpsuit? Don’t mind if I do!

“Forget the Rules. If you like it wear it” I love a pretty dress as much as the next girl, but I love pants just a bit more.  For the longest time, I could hardly find pants long enough. Just when the search for long pants has gotten a little easier,  jumpsuits are popping again.Continue reading “Jumpsuit? Don’t mind if I do!”