You Deserve to Shine!

“You Deserve to Shine”!  -Ashley Poirier

What do you do when you finally find what you were looking for AND it comes in your size? You shout about it! This is me shouting! 

I really appreciate that more retailers are extending their clothing lines to be size inclusive.  In-store and online shopping continues to get better for us tall and plus size ladies, but when it comes time to add the sparkle of pretty rings there are few options.

Hello Poirer! Me shouting again.

Poirier is the first size inclusive demi-fine jewelry line and is uniquely beautiful with styles that range from soft and delicate to strong and bold.  Just like your clothes help you express your own unique style, jewelry does the same and Poirier is making sure our choices are not limited to disposable jewelry or very expensive custom pieces.IMG_6726Founder Ashley Poirier created Poirier out of her love for jewelry and the plus-size community to which she belongs.  Frustrated by the lack of options, Ashley is making the kind of jewelry she always wanted but could never find.IMG_1887As she states on the Poirier website, “I know how hard it is to find beautiful, well-made things. We have made some strides in fashion but none in jewelry and accessories. We deserve better. This is about jewelry, but this is about much more than jewelry. This is about visibility and representation. This is about sense-of-self. This is about choice. This is about self-expression without compromise.”IMG_1904I discovered this brand a few months ago and decided to reach out to them and express how much I appreciated their story and mission to make all women feel included regardless of size.  When they sent me this beautiful gold dome ring, I was beyond excited to wear it. It was packaged beautifully and included a special note just for me.IMG_6001I love the fit and sleek classic style.  I have to admit I have not worn a lot of rings because I  could rarely find them in my size…until now.IMG_1890Thank you, Poirier, for making beautiful jewelry that is size inclusive, beautiful, and affordable.

Ladies you know it’s true, we all deserve to shine!

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