Time to Sparkle

I think our goal should be to sparkle and shine bright all year long, but this is especially true when you’re headed out for the Holidays.  Sequins just seem to shine a little bit brighter under the twinkle of Holiday lights. Let’s talk about this jumpsuit from Lane Bryant

I love this for special events, holiday parties, or ringing in the New Year!  Lane Bryant has been a staple in my closet since I was in Junior High School, and they continue to keep my sparkling.

What I love most about the jumpsuits from Lane Bryant is the fit.  This is not a “tall size” jumpsuit, but Lane Bryant definately gets it right for this tall girl.  The fit is comfortable, the torso is long enough,and the inseam works with flats or heels.  I am beginning to think this Geo-Sequin Faux Wrap Jumpsuit should be call the Unicorn Jumpsuit because it is magical!

I paired mine with the strappy heels for this look, but I also plan to wear it with fancy satin flats.  The warmer weather in Southern California allows me to wear it right now without a jacket but when I take it to New York, I am planning a faux fur all the way.

There’s more! This unicorn has a sister and her name is Lena. Lena has wide legs, a high waist, and comes with a pretty bow.  I am such a fan!  The Lena Wide-Leg Jumpsuit is ankle length so she works well if your tall and want to show off your beautiful shoes or a bit shorter and love how a wide leg looks skimming the ground. I’ll take both when I can get them!

 I love the bright red color, and feel ready all of the events I plan to attend this month. Send those invites friends! Lena, the unicorn’s sister, fits great with room in the torso which gets a little tricky if you are plus size AND tall.  Lena will definitely be rotation as we move into the New Year. 

No matter your personal style and holiday plans, Lane Bryant has got you covered.

I want to wish you a beautiful end to this year and a new year full of love, light and happiness!  

Very Happy Holidays Friends! 

Love ya!

Photo credit: MPH Photography

One thought on “Time to Sparkle

  1. Jumpsuits the new power outfit. Love both looks. And the intensity of the red…. Yes Please.
    I have a friend who works part time at LB and she always looks good. I’m not traditional plus and neither are you so I’ll have to start peeping LB now that you’ve shown me what they’re working with.


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